Fall Inspired Halloween Home Tour

Fall is one of my favorite times of year and this year I really kept my decorating to a minimalist approach. I used a few fresh real pumpkins, crafts my girls created and some felt pumpkins from Target. In my daughter's spaces I found the sweetest ghost lights from Target as well as a kitty pillow from Walmart. I love to use my outdoor light up pumpkins inside to bring a nice glow to a room or space and also leave one of our trick-or-treating buckets here and there. The final touch I add is seasonal photos. I use washi tape and add them to mirrors, walls and anything else. We also changed out a few frames too! My girls love to see the memories of past time and it just brings so much warmth seeing the last few Fall and Halloween celebrations in an image displayed. I usually keep all my Fall and Halloween items in a big orange Tupperware so that it stands out in storage. I try to keep it to that Tupperware only, so I will donate or sell anything that doesn't fit. I've been trying to live with the thought that less is more for the last year and when it comes to Holiday decorating. It truly gives me so much joy to just have a few pieces out that I adore and my photography of the memories we created. Hope you Enjoy! Xx

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