Tip Tuesday // Heart Shaped Pizza's ♡

Looking for a fun dinner night idea? We adore heart shaped pizza nights. This night allows my girls to get involved with playing with dough, cutting out heart shapes and then adding their own toppings. One of our favorite details to this night is dancing! Yes, dancing with your cooking. We listen to our favorite Italian inspired pizza tune Dean Martin "That's Amore"♡ We have Alexa with Amazon and we absolutely love it! My girls speak to her everyday requesting a song to be played. Ever since we got one we have mid-day dance parties and can change any moment of the day to be fun and full of laughter with dancing! Go get yourself one at least for your kitchen and it will bring so much fun to your meal times!

I love to incorporate music into my cooking especially since I have little ones. Over the years my littlest needed me the most when I was preparing dinner so I wanted to make that time exciting for her. I've come up with ways to make it fun, hands on and a perfect way to spend quality time with your babes. 

We don't use any specific recipe and sometimes I grab pre-made dough and everything else just to make it super easy! But if you are looking for a fun recipe I absolutely adore these interactive books! They have an entire recipe to follow along with or have fun reading and interacting with it while your pizza you ordered is on its way! I'm all about easy and quick fun ways to make your life easier and more intentional with your little babes! If you have a fun pizza night be sure to tag us! Xx


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